Container selection

A general guide to pot selection

Helpful information written by the Columbus Bonsai Society on how to select the right container for your bonsai.

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Very basic guidelines for tree/container color combinations

(Provided by Harry Harrington)

Light browns/oatmeals
Acer, Elm, Beech, Oak, Larch, Hawthorn, Ash, Gingko

Off whites/gray
Hawthorn, Oak, Acer, Ash

Light greens
Acer, Ash ,beech

Dark greens
Acer, Azaleas, Chinese elm, Cotoneaster

Medium browns
Elm, Birch, Mountain Ash, Acer

Dark browns/red browns/unglazed reds/browns
Pine, Juniper, Cotoneaster, Larch and other conifers, Azaleas

Light blue
Azaleas, Malus and other flowering species

Matt blue
Acer, Juniper, Pine, Azaleas

Matt blue/greens
Pine, Junipers, Acer, Azaleas (this combination will also suit just about any tree as they are the colors that you see most trees framed by when in their natural state )