Just returned home from the 2016 PNBCA Bonsai Convention in Olympia.  The highlight for me was meeting so many people, and the wonderful conversations that ensued.  Sharing a deep respect for the living art of bonsai with so many others was beyond rewarding. I learned so much. Especially enjoyed the one workshop I abandoned my booth for – Josef Addis’ lecture on antique Chinese and Japanese pots.

I have to thank Josef Addis and Jonas Dupuich for taking the time to critique my pots. They both offered invaluable advice and I am honored they even took an interest. I look forward to incorporating their advice in my future work.

Also met John Muth of Bonsai Northwest – one of the largest public bonsai nurseries in the northwest.  At the end of the show John took a selection of my pots to sell at his incredible nursery. So you can now find my pots in the Seattle area at Bonsai Northwest.  My hope in the future is to trade John pots for some nice pre-bonsai stock!

I have come home renewed and ready to experiment with new shapes and finishes in our new Olsen kiln. I’ll be concentrating on pots for conifers and experimenting with engobes, oxides, and unglazed finishes.